Salbuurun – traditional Kyrgyz hunting. 3 new stamps introduced by KEP

Salbuurun – traditional Kyrgyz hunting. 3 new stamps introduced by KEP is glad to present to our readers’ attention the new issue of KEP postage stamps that is the continuation of the series “Salbuurun – traditional Kyrgyz hunting”, first launched in 2015.

This third issue in the series is dedicated to the main hunting techniques of salbuurun: archery, falconry and hunting with taigans (Second stamps issue - National breed of hunting dogs). Let’s appreciate these freshly designed stamps together!

Since ancient times, Kyrgyz men, on horseback, went on a hunt, variously using falconry, taigan dogs and archery. The nomadic way of life of the Kyrgyz people contributed to the development of this type of hunting activity. Among other things, such hunting served as excellent training for warriors and their faithful horses, hardening the body and spirit of the “jigits” (skilled and brave horse riders).

It is important to note that in the Kyrgyz Republic, after gaining independence, interest in national traditions, including salbuurun, has increased significantly. Established in 2006, the Republican Federation of Kyrgyzstan “Salbuurun” makes strenuous efforts for the revival and development of this national tradition. Since 2006, the festival “Salbuurun” has been held and has already gained international fame.

Guests from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Arab countries, Mongolia, Turkey and other countries, come to participate in the festival. Thanks to such enthusiasts as Almaz Akunov, Kyrgyz salbuurun takes a big place in the cultural and sporting life of the country, and we hope that over time it will become a kind of icon of Kyrgyzstan in the international arena.

New issue of KEP stamps dedicated to salbuurun

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