The black swan stamp celebrating World Wetlands Day

The black swan stamp celebrating World Wetlands Day
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According to info received by New Zealand Post launched a special stamp to mark World Wetlands Day. This year, the stamp features the black swan. The issue was released on the 2d of February.

The Game Bird Habitat Stamp programme was set up to raise funds – from the sale of the game bird hunting licences, stamp collection and related products – for projects aimed at protecting and enhancing wetlands and game bird and other wildlife habitat.

This is the 22nd in the New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Collection series, and the $10 stamp features the black swan (Maori name wani) which can be hunted as a game bird, says Fish & Game Policy & Planning Manager Robert Sowman.

"The black swan was a native bird which has been found in Maori middens. When Europeans arrived they were extinct but were re-introduced by acclimatisation societies in the 1860s".

Scientists believe the black swan also re-introduced itself from Australia and now it is recognised as a New Zealand native species. As such, Fish & Game manage this widespread game bird for long-term sustainability.

Mr Sowman says the release of the images today is timely, as World Wetlands Day. "Fish & Game remains one of New Zealand's staunchest agencies both advocating for, and protecting and enhancing wetland habitats".

"We know that the key to sustainable management and harvest of game birds is good habitat – look after the habitat and the birds and fish are bound to do better – that means more opportunities on offer to licenced hunters".

Buying habitat stamp items is a simple and inexpensive way of giving direct support to habitat protection, and you have various spending choices, from a $10 stamp up to $65 for the limited edition print, he adds.

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