The 70th anniversary of Liberation celebrated by Guernsey Post

The 70th anniversary of Liberation celebrated by Guernsey Post
4 votedvote is glad to inform that Guernsey Post has prepared for releasing a special series of stamps celebrating the 70th anniversary of Liberation. The issue consists of six stamps that were put into circulation on the 1st of May.

As any Islander knows, you can't wander far in Guernsey without coming across its war defences, which act as a stark reminder of the harsh attacks its occupants suffered during World War Two. The first raid, when the island was attacked by air, occurred on June 28, 1940, killing 33 islanders and injuring a further 67.

Thankfully, around 4,000 people ‒ mainly children ‒ had been evacuated in the months before the attack. The German Occupation began two days later, on June 30, and lasted for almost five years later, when the island was finally liberated on May 9.

This year, which is the 70th anniversary of Liberation, is set to be the biggest celebration in years with a parade including 135 pre-1946 European military vehicles and vintage cars, tractors and motorcycles. Other events including a trilogy of films about the occupation made in Guernsey will be screened at the Town Church.

And Dawn Gallienne, head of philatelic at Guernsey Post, believes it's really important to commemorate the closure of one of the most difficult periods in the island's recent history.

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