Are you an expert in picking mushrooms? Eesti Post will help you in this matter!

Are you an expert in picking mushrooms? Eesti Post will help you in this matter!
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Autumn is the season of picking mushrooms and Eesti Post introduced its new stamp issue to help people to differentiate poisonous and good ones. This particular item depicts deadly webcap – one of the most dangerous mushrooms that are widespread in Europe. recommends our readers to take a look at this useful philatelic item.

Deadly webcap (Cortinarius rubellus) is orange brown with a sharp dullish cap. It grows in moist coniferous and mixed forests. It is a deadly mushroom. The gills of the deadly webcap are the colour of the mushroom, and are concavely fastened to the foot and wide and sparsely placed. The foot is long and relatively slender with the thickest place being at the base. When the mushroom is bruised it soon turns brown at the particular place.

The flesh of the mushroom is light yellow and its smell is that of the radish or potato. It is as dangerous as the white amanita. The cellular poisons of the damage mainly the kidneys. The latent period of the poisonous cortinaria have a characteristi-cally long latent period from two to seventeen days.

On the basis of certain data orellanine poisoning is today caused by three lethal mushroom species: Cortinarius rubellus (deadly webcap), Cortinarius orellanus (fool's cap) and Cortinarius splendence) splendid webcap. Next to the white and green amanita, they are no doubt among the most poisonous mushrooms in Europe.

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