Wishing peace and joy for coming Christmas

Wishing peace and joy for coming Christmas
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According to info got by StampNews.com Faroe Islands is to issue a set of two stamps under series "The Christmas Gospel 2" dedicated to the coming Christmas 2014.Stamps were designed by Edward Fuglo.

The stamps depict two scenes from the Bible that are connected with Christmas. On the stamps the angels and shepherds can be seen.

As on the previous stamps in this series, the artist Edward Fuglø has managed to delicately and in great detail convey the communication between eternity and time. The star from above is still regarded as a symbol of the transcendental reality, God’s light and guidance in the midst of meaninglessness, injustice and futile daily drudgery. The angels descended from the starlit skies, and the herdsmen are therefore gazing upwards.

Thus, the angels symbolise the cosmic communication between the Creator and humankind. A communication with prayer and meditation on the cosmic internet, which people cannot do without if we are to live in harmony with the Creator and the message: “It must be for all people.”

The shepherds that can be seen on the second stamp are an important symbol of every Christmas. They possessed the necessary consciousness of God which is demanded by the cycle of nature, and which made them capable of hearing the Creator’s message. Nature itself had always been a reminder of the creative power in all things; the never-ending cycle of life had also awakened a deep yearning for eternal values.

Life itself had strengthened the sense that their day-to-day work – of tending their livestock, the pastures and their families – was part of a bigger picture. Now, the joy and the peace extended beyond the shepherds, and the whole of humanity could be saved from meaninglessness, injustice and suffering.

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