Vladimir Steklov: 150years of the birth stamp from Russia

Vladimir Steklov: 150years of the birth stamp from Russia

Russian post issued a stamp commemorating the 150th anniversary from the birth of Vladimir Steklov.

Major works of Vladimir Steklov (1864-1926) relate to mathematical physics, mechanics, quadrature formulas of approximation theory and asymptotic methods.

The main life-work of Vladimir Steklov was research: motion of a rigid body in a fluid and some problems in the theory of elasticity. He studied the expansion of functions in series of special forms of polynomials, gave a general condition for expanding functions in series in a given system of functions, which is infinite-dimensional generalization of the Pythagorean theorem, applied the results to the solution of various problems, including the solution of Laplace's equation.

In 1921 on thescientist's initiative the Institute of Physics and Mathematics was organized at the Academy of Sciences.

The stamp features a portrait of Vladimir Steklov with Steklov function in the background.

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