Theatres of Belarus. National Academic Drama Kolas Theatre

Theatres of Belarus. National Academic Drama Kolas Theatre

June 20, 2014 Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus will issue a stamp "National Academic Drama Theatre Kolas. "Nesterka" from the series "Theatres of Belarus".

It is a great Continuation of the series "Theatres of Belarus". Printing: offset. Coated paper, gummed. Tooth. Rowed. Size of the stamp: 40x28 mm. In a sheet there are eight marks and one coupon. Sheet size 135 x 108 mm. Circulation 80 thousand marks in one issue.

National Academic Drama Theatre Kolas established in 1926 in Vitebsk as a Second Belarusian State Theatre (BHT-2). In 1944, the theater was named in honor of J.Kolasa, in 1977 – it got the academic title, since 2001 the theatre has the present name.

The theater opened on the play "In the olden days" I.Bena. In 1941, the premiere of "Nesterka" V.Volskogo that became the hallmark of the theater. In 1946 the play was awarded the State Prize of the USSR.

The project and the postal issue were prepared in cooperation with the National Academic Drama Kolas Theatre.

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