The Tradition of Czech Stamp Design – Ladislav Jirka, engraver (1914-1986)

The Tradition of Czech Stamp Design – Ladislav Jirka, engraver (1914-1986)

Ceskaposta issued a stamp commemorating the Czech engraver Ladislav Jirka. A portrait of Ladislav Jirka, accompanied in the background with three of his stamps he valued most of his work: Bridesmaid - Art 1970 (K. Svolinsky), Leccinumversipelle, 1958 (K. Svolinsky), and a detail from The Feast of the Rosary - Art 1971 (A. Durer).

Ladislav Jirka (1914-1986) was born in Tremosna u Plzne. In 1928, he started to study the art of engraving with Frantisek Malinsky in Plzen. In 1936, he joined the engraving department of the Military Geographical Institute. In 1939, he passed the admission examination and joined the state-owned stamp and banknote printing house Statnitiskarnacenin as a banknote engraver. By his 1948 portrait of Ľudovit Stur, designed by Karel Svolinsky, he also joined the ranks of stamp engravers. His meeting with Karel Svolinsky developed into a long-term cooperation. Jirka engraved many of Svolinsky's stamps with folk and mainly nature motifs. He also used designs by other major artists; the best remembered was his cooperation with Mirko Hanak, Cyril Bouda and Josef Liesler. At the same time, he used classical works of art as a basis for engravings. He received several awards for stamp design and works of art.

The postage stamp is issued both in the form of sheets and as a book of 8 stamps and 4 coupons.

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