The stamp in the “For Children” series introduced by Czech Post

The stamp in the “For Children” series introduced by Czech Post

The sitting puppets Jů and Hele and the flying puppet Muf in the background
This year's stamp in the "For Children" series commemorates Stanislav Holý, Czech painter, graphic artist, illustrator, and mainly author of puppets Jů and Hele. Stanislav Holý focused on comics, with the character of Mr. Pip as the main hero. In 1971, he graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in the class of Professor A. Hoffmeister.

Holý is best known for Czech Television's Studio Kamarád (Friendship Studio) dedicated to children, which he enlivened by both the main puppets Jů and Hele, Hary Šoumen (Harry Showman), Muf Supermuf, Tryskomyš (Jetmouse), Šamšula and others, and the studio props. The design of the series was freely inspired by the US Sesame Street.

Holý is the author of several graphic design books and illustrator of a number of others. In 1978, his book Procházky pana Pipa (Mr. Pip's Trips) won the annual Most Beautiful Book award of the Ministry of Culture. He also designed the subtitles for the film Jak svět přichází o básníky(How the World Is Losing Poets).

The print sheet of definitive A-stamps has the form of area-wide stickers separated by a serrated cut. It will be available for purchasing from 28-th of May.

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