The Routes of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle stamps from France

The Routes of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle stamps from France

Located in Spain, in Galicia, the city of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostela (Santiago de Compostela), houses the supposed tomb of the apostle St. Jacques le Majeur. This pilgrimage was one of the most famous in the Middle Ages, together with those of Rome and Jerusalem.

Even today, many travelers use one of the four pilgrimage routes leading walkers to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostela.

Via Podensis, route of the Puy-en-Velay, is the oldest and most popular route.

Via Turonensis, route of Tours, originates from Paris, by the Tour St Jacques.

Via Lemovicensis, the route of Limoges, is the longest one of about 1700 km.

Finally Via Tolosana, Toulouse route, the southern one, takes the name of Camino Aragones after crossing the Pyrenees.

Real open-air museums, the routes of Saint-Jacques are appreciated from the material (historic and archaeological, cultural and artistic) as well as intangible points of view. All these traces are meaningful when integrated into a whole. Thus the travel to Compostela, formerly mainly religious, finds today another objective: facilitate the meeting of people from across the continent and show them a path uniting past and future.

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