“The People’s Pope” – new issue of Korean post commemorating Pope’s visit

“The People’s Pope” – new issue of Korean post commemorating Pope’s visit
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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1936, Pope Francis was elected the first Non-European pope in the history of the Catholic Church in 2013. Designated the 266th Roman Catholic pontiff, Pope Francis has been noted for his meager but honest living and humility in caring for the poor and weak at all times. For these reasons, he is held in high regard and respected by people around the world.

The signature style and humanity that he has shown over the last year is his practice of love and compassion. His words and actions have been enough to influence people without the distinction of believer or non-believer. Pope Francis was therefore named the most influential person in the world. Hence the term, 'Francis effect,' was created.

Pope Francis will follow in the footsteps of Pope John Paul Ⅱ's visit to Korea in 1984 and 1989 and will deliver a message of peace to the Korean peninsula, one of the few remaining divided countries left in the world. During his stay in Korea from August 14 to August 18, 2014 he is scheduled to visit the Blue House to meet the President, attend the Asia Youth Day and lead the beatification mass for the Korean martyrs.

It is hoped that Pope Francis's wish for peace on the Korean peninsula and the world, along with his message of reconciliation, peace and cooperation will spread far and wide. Two commemorative stamps are to be issued.

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