The North by the sea – Ships stamp issue by Norway

The North by the sea – Ships stamp issue by Norway

With a coastline like in Norway, it is only more than natural that, as far back in time as Norwegians can remember, people along the coast found ways to travel by sea.

Viking ships took both westward and eastward, and as ships developed into fishing vessels shipbuilding became a cornerstone of Norwegian coastal industry.

The more than 40 years of development of the Norwegian oil-based industry presented the creative environment around shipbuilding with new challenges. When the Norwegian oil adventure started, the shipbuilding industry along the Norwegian coast was ready.

The platforms were being built, but they were not going to manage on their own out at sea. The supply boats, support vessels that were loyal supporters in all types of weather, were developed by the shipbuilding industry along the Norwegian coast. These vessels are called PSV, platform supply vessels. They transport necessary goods and supplies and carry out many different types of assignments at sea. Their cargo includes provisions and reserve parts, but they also carry out many tasks that require a high level of technological competence from the crew.

Aker Langsten built PSV "Nordmand Arctic", which is the motif on the Norwegian stamp in the joint Nordic issue, The North by the Sea.

Aker Yards Langsten is part of Aker Yards Group, an international group of shipbuilders that focuses on complex and advanced vessels. Since its start in 1945 in Tomrafjorden, not far from Alesund, it has built ferries, passenger boats and seismic vessels that you will find in many places around the world. Over a period of 70 years, Langsten AS has grown into the largest shipbuilder of its type in Europe and the fifth largest in the world.

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