The FSPL turns 80 stamps from Luxembourg

The FSPL turns 80 stamps from Luxembourg

The "Federation des Societes philateliques du Grand-Duche de Luxembourg" was founded in the City of Luxembourg on 22 February 1934. The articles of incorporation were signed by the four presidents of the "Philatelia Diff erdange", "Cercle d'Echanges Phila Dudelange", "Cercle philatelique d'Esch sur Alzette" and "Union des Timbrophiles de Luxembourg" associations.

The following reasons were listed for the FSPL coming into being: a national association would help to increase the value of the postage stamps, amalgamating the associations would fulfil the motto "L'Union fait la force" and the existence of a national association would allow to have a say at international level. Today, in 2014, the FSPL boasts 1,700 full members in 35 associations.

The FSPL was accepted as a member of the FIP (Federation Internationale de Philatelie) in 1934. After the Second World War, there followed the major international exhibitions "100 Years of Luxembourg Stamps" in 1952, "Millennial Celebration of the City of Luxembourg" in 1963 and the first world youth stamp exhibition "JUVENTUS 1969" in 1969. The major national propaganda exhibition, where parts of the collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England were displayed in Luxembourg for the first time, was held in 2012 under the themes "Treasures of Philately" and "160 Joer Letzebuerger Timber".

Natural Silk Stamp

This stamp by Luxembourg post is made of 100% natural silk. The top layer of the paper contains 30g of silk per square meter. The yarns used to make this stamp are the fi nest sized in existence. The results achieved offer a truly extraordinary, original, and silky effect that can be appreciated by everybody. However, it is mainly aimed at stamp collectors and admirers the world over. This technique is mainly used for stamps commemorating very special events, such as the body of work of an artist, for example.

Anne Melan, Luxembourg artist

Meet Anne Melan

Anne Melan, Luxembourg artist born in 1984, is a former student of the Universities of Toulouse and Strasbourg. POST Philately has commissioned her to create a stamp commemorating the 80th anniversary of the FSPL.

What was the reason behind creating this stamp? The main purpose of creating this stamp is to instil in young people an interest in stamp collecting. That’s why it had to be done in an original way that would attract their attention.

Does this project bear your conceptual signature? I believe in this project, I particularly admire its unique perspective. Everyone was waiting to see a design, but I found that a photomontage, made up of many vivid details, would be more appropriate, more in keeping with the times.

All of these details are an important part of the image. There are actually a lot of different short stories making up the image. The majority of the elements were used to illustrate stamp collecting. On the table, little men stick stamps in an album… The subject of the stamp is virtually projected on the wall in order to visualise the FSPL’s anniversary. Lastly, for the Luxembourg side of the project, I have included well-known Luxembourg architectural landmarks.

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