The beauty of Portugal Gardens commemorated with a new issue

The beauty of Portugal Gardens commemorated with a new issue
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"Landscape Architecture is a very subtle art with a very elaborate technique, based on a wide range of sciences. One can maybe explain this relationship between Art, Science and Technique, if compared to listening to a Beethoven sonata live. In the sonata, the art is in the artistic interpretation of the song, the piano is the technique, and the mechanism of the piano is the result of a construction that involves much scientific knowledge".

This text was written in 1966 by Professor Caldeira Cabral. He describes, with great insight, the profession of designing and creating gardens and parks, known as Landscape Architecture. Caldeira Cabral was the father of the profession, for in 1942 he created the first course at the ISA (Higher Institute of Agronomy).

As a teacher and continuer of such teachings in ISA, he selected 75 of the 600 or so Portuguese gardens and parks, both private and public, that have a touch of the Portuguese culture and deserve to be known. Of these 75, eight were chosen for the philatelic collection, following geographic criteria – of a maximum representation of the various landscapes that the country has to offer -, of time - comprising several centuries - and also of multiple sources – the royal house, nobility, clergy, a university and cultured bourgeoisie.

The following were therefore chosen: the "Jardins do Palácio da Fronteira" , the "Jardins do Palácio de Queluz"; the "Jardim Botânico da Universidade de Coimbra"; the "Cerca do Mosteiro de Tibães"; the "Parque Terra Nostra"; the gardens of the "Chalet da Condessa"; the "Quinta do Palheiro Ferreira"; and finally, the only choice of the twentieth century, the "Parque de Serralves".

These eight gardens are a selection that represents quite well the Gardens of Portugal, which manage with diversity and, as announced by Caldeira Cabral tell us how over time and throughout our history, technique and science have come together with Nature to create remarkable works of art.

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