The beauty of Niue depicted on a new stamp issue

The beauty of Niue depicted on a new stamp issue
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According to info got by New Zealand Post is preparing for issuing a new definitive series of stamps depicting the most gorgeous and scenic places of Niue. The stamp set consists of eight items that are to be released on the 18th of October.

These stamps invite everybody to take a tour of picturesque Niue. From the stunning natural beauty of the Tavalu Arches to a relaxing round of golf, these stamps will show the whole beauty of Niue. Niue is one of the world's largest coral islands. The terrain consists of steep limestone cliffs along the coast with a central plateau rising to about 60 metres above sea level.

A coral reef surrounds the island, with the only major break in the reef being in the central western coast, close to the capital, Alofi. A notable feature is the number of limestone caves found close to the coast.

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