“The Beauty of Museums of Taiwan Souvenir Sheet” will be issued by Taiwan Post

“The Beauty of Museums of Taiwan Souvenir Sheet” will be issued by Taiwan Post
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To heighten public awareness of the architectural grace of museums of Taiwan, Chunghwa Post is issuing "the Beauty of Museums of Taiwan Souvenir Sheet" with five stamps. The design follows:

1. National Palace Museum (NT$12): Located in Taipei City, the Museum's main building is a Chinese palatial structure. Light-blue glazed roof tiles drape over the yellow walls. Sparkling stone-washed railings encircle the bluestone platform. The clean and elegantly styled museum houses close to 700,000 ancient artifacts hailed from Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties.

2. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NT$5): Situated in Taichung City, the structure is noted for its clean, sleek lines and modernity. The south wing is built with a glass curtain wall, where the lights and shadows tango to the rhythm of time and weather. The sculptures in the courtyard chart the historic trajectory of this art form in Taiwan. It is the only national-class museum of its kind in the country.

3. National Taiwan Museum (NT$5): Set in Taipei City, the building is a nod to the classic European structure. Its facade is modeled after an ancient Greek temple, with a vaulted roof ceiling of a Roman Pantheon. The towering Doric columns and ornately decorated walls add to the structure's stateliness. The century-old museum prides itself in a rich collection of Taiwan's humanitarian and natural relics.

4. National Museum of Taiwan Literature (NT$5): Seated in Tainan City, the Museum was first built to house the Taiwan Prefectural Government. It is a western-style structure supported by bricked load-bearing walls; its main entrance is a portico flanked by two guard towers to give the structure a symmetric elegance. The original structure underwent an overhaul after the Tainan City Government relocated elsewhere. The Museum is a focal point of Taiwan's literature, culture, and history, and a centennial national heritage site.

5. National Museum of Taiwan History (NT$5): Established in Tainan City, the Museum is designed to celebrate ethnic harmony in Taiwan. The landmark Cloud Wall of the structure is a statement of Taiwan's historic significance, and powered by solar energy. The spatial design blends seamlessly into its natural backdrop to signify successful coexistence between architecture and nature.

This set of stamps is designed with the contrast of the exterior image, and interior close-ups of the museums.

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