The beauty of marine fish on UK stamps

The beauty of marine fish on UK stamps

These are stamps that both highlight the beauty of marine fish as well as provide guidance and encouragement to consumers on how to conserve UK fisheries. Many familiar fish are severely threatened due to a variety of factors including overfishing – this stamp issue highlights this and also provides a sustainable alternative.

With 75% of the world's fish stocks currently fully-exploited or overexploited this is a key issue of concern. According to the info got by, five of the species illustrated are fish that are threatened in UK waters; while five are species from sustainable populations which provide viable alternatives for fisheries and consumers.

The plight of fisheries has caused increasing public concern in recent years, with organizations like the Marine Conservation Society. The Fish Fight campaign has attracted more than half a million online supporters to its campaign for sustainable seafood.

The stamps are issued on World Environment Day.

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