Summer stamp series issued by Jersey Post

Summer stamp series issued by Jersey Post

Claimed to be the warmest place in the British Isles, the Bailiwick of Jersey lies in the Cherbourg Peninsula, some fourteen miles from the French coast of Normandy. It is little wonder that holidaymakers visit the island time and time again, taking advantage of its close proximity to the United Kingdom whilst enjoying the ambience of Continental Europe. The eight stamps which form the first part of this new series, feature coastal photographs taken within the Bailiwick during the summer months.

46p Boat at Belcroute Bay

A particularly quiet and pretty bay, Belcroute lies to the south-west of the island and is unusual as it is one of the few beaches that is entirely covered in pebbles.

56p Seymour Tower at high tide

This 18th century coastal defence tower is situated two kilometres offshore and can be visited by boat or on foot at low tide, accompanied by an experienced guide.

62p Summer calm at Beauport

A pleasant amble through woodland leads down to this tranquil bay in the south-west of the island. The beach is sandy with giant pink granite boulders.

69p Fisherman's Chapel, St. Brelade's Bay

This pretty ancient chapel sitting alongside St. Brelade's church overlooks the bay and is surrounded by beautiful flowers during the summer months.

The 69p stamp features the logo of the Small European Postal Administrations Corporation (SEPAC) as part of the SEPAC 2014 joint stamp issue.

70p The White House at sunrise

Surfers and sun-worshippers are able to hire out this iconic building at St. Ouen's Bay, giving ample opportunity to enjoy the glorious sunsets in the west.

82p South Coast rocks

Those venturing out on kayaks from the beach at Ouaisne around the headland to Portelet are able to enjoy the magnificent rocks which host a variety of seabirds.

91p Reflections of Archirondel Tower

This Martello Tower dominates a popular beach to the east of the island. It is available for hire, enabling its visitors to enjoy the surroundings late into the summer evening.

£1.20 A view underwater at Les Ecrehous

This group of islands, belonging to the Bailiwick, is situated six miles north-east of Jersey and provides dolphin and seal sighting opportunities for those visiting by boat.

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