Stamp in honor of the European elections 2014

Stamp in honor of the European elections 2014

The Post of Luxembourg issued the stamp celebrating the 2014 European elections that will take place between the 22 and 25 May. In the 28 member states, 751 representatives of the European Parliament in Strasbourg will be elected. The representatives are assembled according to the different transnational political groups.

These are the eight European elections since 1979. The EU-Parliament is elected by direct universal stuff rage. For the first time, the European Council must take the election results into account when choosing the next President of the European Commission. The nominee has to be confirmed by the new Parliament. In Luxembourg, the elections for the 6 Luxembourgish representatives will take place on the 25 May.

POST Luxembourg is issuing a stamp with an embedded web reality function, giving you access to content specifically designed for the stamp.

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