Stamp commemorating the National University of Arts in Bucharest

Stamp commemorating the National University of Arts in Bucharest

The tradition of the University of National Arts in Bucharest goes down to 1859, when complex and remarkable personalities, such as Theodor Aman and Gheorghe Tattarescu started to write a series of memoirs to found an institution of arts education, inspired by the Parisian model.

With the occasion of the 150-year anniversary since the signing in 1864, by Ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza, of the decree establishing the School of Belle Arte in BucharestRomfilatelia introduces into circulation the postage stamps issue: 150 years since the establishment of the National University of Arts.

The postage stamp of the souvenir sheet of the issue, with the face value of lei 8.10, depicts Theodor Aman, one of the founders of academic art education in Bucharest.

This image shows Aman as a mature man, around the age of 50, having a casual attitude while backing a carved table. We can recognize in the background the props specific to photography workshops in the second half of the 19th century, with column and decorative detail-shaped cardboard patterns that complement the composition.

Aman is the first Romanian artist who graduated Ecole des Beaux - Arts,Paris, becoming the modeler of modern artistic life in Bucharest, and the promoter of the Exhibition of the Living Artists.

On the border of the souvenir sheet is depicted an old image of the workshop belonging to the great master George Demetrescu Mirea, which shows the painter (who was also a professor) in the middle of his students attending his painting class, in 1921. He was the head of the painting department, professor with full rights and director of the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest.

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