Stamp commemorating Postcrossing hobby

Stamp commemorating Postcrossing hobby

Guernsey Post is delighted to announce that it will issue its first Postcrossing stamp in celebration of a hobby enjoyed by over 470,000 people worldwide (issue date 28 May).

Following royal approval, The Bailiwick is the first in the Channel Islands – and one of only a handful of European postal administrations to produce a Postcrossing stamp.

The Guernsey issue stamp, designed by Guernsey Post's in-house marketing team, depicts an outline of Guernsey with a smiley face, giving the 'thumbs up' to the hobby of Postcrossing.

Paulo Magalhães, who founded the Postcrossing project in 2005, commented: - "We're absolutely thrilled that Guernsey Post has chosen to feature Postcrossing and we love the finished product.  For us, it's a huge honour that the project was deemed worthy of being featured in a stamp."

Paulo loved to receive postcards from friends and family across the globe and wanted to receive even more postcards from other countries too. He came up with the idea of connecting people worldwide through postcards. After just a few days people were already signing up to the website to take part. The hobby has had tremendous success and now, several years on 23 million postcards have been exchanged via Postcrossing.

In April 2014, Postcrossing has over 470,000 members in 218 different countries who had registered and exchanged over 23 million postcards that have traveled almost 118 billion kilometers.

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