Special souvenir sheet for 30th Asian International Stamp Exhibition

Special souvenir sheet for 30th Asian International Stamp Exhibition
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StampNews.com got to know that Chunghwa Post is to issue special stamps sheet designed for the TAIPEI 2015 – 30th Asian International Stamp Exhibition that will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 3 from April 24 - 28, 2015. The sheet will be introduced on the 19th of September.

In order to promote this exhibition, Chunghwa Post is specially issuing this souvenir sheet with four stamps featuring scenic vistas of Taiwan in spring, summer, fall and winter before its opening. Each stamp has an adjacent tag.

  • Spring (NT$5): During spring, the Yushan azaleas bloom with great abundance on Hehuanshan (Mt. Hehuan). Their gorgeous pink blooms delight hikers.
  • Summer (NT$5): When tung trees bloom in the summer, tourists on the Pingxi railway line are offered gorgeous vistas covered in snow-white blooms. It’s a truly special sight.
  • Fall (NT$10): On clear, cool autumn days, the maples on Wuling Farm that have turned red along babbling Qijiawan Creek look gorgeous. The beautiful mountain scenery compels people to appreciate the view.
  • Winter (NT$25): During winter, blooming cherry trees turn the slopes of Lishan (Mt. Li) scarlet. The cherry blossoms provide gorgeous vistas against views of snow-covered Xueshan (Mt. Xue) that tourists find irresistible.

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