Special Occasions 2014 stamp issue by Australia Post

Special Occasions 2014 stamp issue by Australia Post

The new range in the Special Occasions series by Australia Post provides a selection of stamps to mark both personal and public events. This range has particular appeal for planners of special events, for tourists and for those wanting to add a heartfelt touch to their correspondence or invitations.

Some designs in this 10-stamp issue are occasion-specific, such as those for a wedding or an engagement, while others are of a more general celebratory nature and can be used for many purposes.

Apart from the two Australia map designs, the stamps can be used with the Australia Post Personalised Stamps™ service.

The map stamps have been designed specifically to appeal to businesses and organizations, particularly for use in a souvenir stamp sheet to mark an anniversary or other significant event with a customized philatelic product.

The stamp design is by Melinda Coombes (gold wedding bands); Stacey Zass (silver wedding bands, champagne flutes, balloons); Lisa Christensen (baby mobile); Gary Domoney (fireworks); Sonia Young (red rose); Sean Pethick (heart flowers, Australia).


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