Special commemorative stamp issued for PHILAKOREA 2014

Special commemorative stamp issued for PHILAKOREA 2014
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PHILAKOREA 2014 celebrating the 130th anniversary of the Postal Service of Korea is the fourth exhibition of its kind held in the country. Commencing in 1984 the exhibition marked the centenary of the Korean Postal Service, and followed again in 1994 and 2002.

PHILAKOREA 2014 will display 545 stamp exhibits and more than 200,000 stamps submitted from 68 countries. There will be various programs such as a musical, a display of world postboxes and a journey to the world with stamps, all of which will provide an opportunity for visitors to understand the history and culture of the world.

PHILAKOEA 2014 commemorative stamps feature "Arirang," a lyrical folk song of Korea designated a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2012. As the representative folk song enjoyed by the Korean race, Arirang is a song in various forms which always consists of the refrain 'Arirang, arariyo.' For the first time, this PHILAKOREA 2014 commemorative stamp is printed on the traditional Korean paper, Hanji.

The unique texture of Hanji adds a flavor of Korea. Image Recognition Technology was applied to the PHILAKOREA 2014 commemorative stamps. When each stamp is viewed via a smart phone or tablet PC, a short film about Arirang can be appreciated. PHILAKOREA 2014 World Stamp Exhibition will be held in Hall A, COEX from August 7 to 12, 2014.

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