Spanish stamp dedicated to the ‘A’ in ‘AvanceI+D+i’ (Advances in Research and Development)

Spanish stamp dedicated to the ‘A’ in ‘AvanceI+D+i’ (Advances in Research and Development)

The positive attitude which has stemmed from the economic crisis which hit Spain, amongst other countries, has driven the imagination of budding entrepreneurs, who, taking advantage of new technologies, have innovated the concept of industry or business. Also, traditional businesses have had to reinvent themselves by investing in research and development to give added value to their products and explore new commercial areas for expansion.

All this has been made possible the scientific and technological development which has taken place in the country over the past 25 years. Spain is among the top ten scientific world powers, hence a great many multinationals choosing our country to set up their Centres of Excellence and Research.

It would be impossible to name here all the successes and advances which Spain has achieved, from infrastructure companies with huge worldwide contracts, to naval and aeronautical technology; from telecommunications, with the first European operator, to the industry leader in renewable energy. It has gained huge importance in the gastronomic and fashion worlds, and has won prestigious sporting trophies, both individually and as a team.

As it is one of the largest contributions the country can make is the charitable work of the Spanish people in the face of humanitarian crises, or their participation in international conflicts to maintain democracy and peace.

Correos is crowning all this with a stamp, dedicated to the 'A' in ‘AvanceI+D+i’ (Advances in Research and Development), issued to promote Marca España. This stamp, which displays the same features as the rest in the series, depicts an electronic microscope, a product of Spanish innovation and technology.

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