Spanish Post will amuse you with Graphic Humour

Spanish Post will amuse you with Graphic Humour
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According to info got by Spanish Post has just released a new series of stamps dedicated to Graphic Humour. The issue is presented as a special souvenir sheet that is made up of one stamp, plus 11 cartoons in a comic strip format with no postage value. It features a dedication penned by the graphic humorist: "For the entire philatelic work force, with affection (2014) ". The stamp is to be released on the 9th of October.

Antonio Fraguas de Pablo, known as Forges, was born in Madrid in 1942. Beginning as a technician at the national television station TVE when he was very young, in 1973 he decided to devote himself professionally to graphic humour. During this initial period, he published his first drawings in the daily newspaper Pueblo (in 1964) and in Informaciones, and began to collaborate with the humour magazines Hermano Lobo, Por Favor and El Jueves.

In 1982 he began working at the newspaper Diario 16 drawing editorial jokes. Years later, he began appearing in El Mundo, the paper that he helped to found. In 1995 he started publishing a daily comic strip in El País that he still signs today.

Exhibiting a sense of humour that is caustic, realistic and loaded with current references, Forges depicts a critical vision of current events in his drawings, with thought-provoking characters and situations from everyday life. He uses popular language, with invented words, such as strozá, gensanta, bocata and esborcio, that simulate vocabulary picked up directly from the streets.

Among his most well-known characters, which undoubtedly reflect the ad hoc nature of society, are: Mariano and his wife Concha, the island castaways that combat loneliness with imagination, Los Blasillos (the Blasillo family) in rural Spain, the deranged football fans and the enfuriated office worker. Phrases such as "Don't forget..." repeated day after day for different reasons, emphasise events that occupy the front pages of the news.

In this special souvenir sheet, Correos appears in two consecutive cartoons, in which Forges refers to them humorously.

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