Serbia: Joy of Europe 2014

Serbia: Joy of Europe 2014

Every year since 1969, the children’s meetings named Joy of Europe gather together European children aged between 7 and 15, promoting friendship through various activities as a symbol of united children’s world, but also representing a constant exchange of different culture backgrounds. Every October (from 2nd to 5th Oct.), the authentic children’s creativity demonstrated in close contact with citizens of Belgrade, opens up to better interpersonal understanding and better understanding of children’s world on the whole.

For 40 years now, the Children’s Cultural Centre Belgrade organises the children art competition Joy of Europe, and the works of the most talented children from Europe and the world find their place on the special issue stamps and envelopes of the first day of the Post of Serbia.

Motive on the stamp: K. Banuchander, 10 years, India.

Motive on vignette: A. Sandeep Kumar, 18 years, India.

Joy of Europe STAMPMARK

Motives on the envelope:

  • Andrea Tomović, Serbia; Mateusz Prewdzing, 11 years,
  • Poland; Matilda Milisavljević, 11 years, Serbia;
  • Krutarth Shah, 6 years, India.

Joy of Europe FDC


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