SEPAC-stamp from Greenland: Flower

SEPAC-stamp from Greenland: Flower

The newly issued Sepac-stamp from POST Greenland depicts a photo of Rhodiola taken by photographer John Rasmussen.

The joint Sepac-theme in 2014 is "Flowers". The stamp can be purchased in the joint Sepac souvenir folder "Beautiful Corners of Europe". Although the stamp is issued in January the souvenir folder will not be issued until October. This is due to the other Sepac countries issuing their respective stamps on alternative dates during 2014.

In Greenland Rhodiola grows in Southern and Middle Greenland up to the area around Disko Bay on the Western coast and up to the Daneborg area on the Eastern coast.

Rhodiola is primarily used in Greenland as both a spice and in salads. The leaves are used as salad and spinach, the stem is eaten as asparagus and the root is eaten raw or boiled. The dried roots smell of roses and are said to keep away moths and other harmful insects.

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