Sales of Tom of Finland stamps were finally launched

Sales of Tom of Finland stamps were finally launched
5 votedvote is glad to inform that Finland Post opened the sales of Tom of Finland on the 8th of September.

Advance orders have been delivered to 178 different countries.

The famous Tom of Finland stamps became available at Posti outlets from the 8th of September. From April to September, stamps have been pre-ordered from Posti's online shop to 178 different countries. After Finland, most stamps have been sold to Sweden, Great Britain, the United States and France. All advance orders have been mailed and the first buyers will finally receive their stamps.

The Tom of Finland stamps have received international attention from the moment when their publication was first announced in April. It is generally considered the most talked-about stamp publication of all time, world-wide.

"Our goal in the future as well is to publish modern stamps that depict a wide range of themes," says Markku Penttinen, Development Director at Itella Posti Oy.

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