Real masterpieces of Slovenian cuisine

Real masterpieces of Slovenian cuisine
6 votedvote got to know that Slovenia Post is to issue two stamps dedicated to Slovenian cuisine. These two items are to be released in November. The stamps will be issued in sheets of 16 stamps and each stamp will have a face value of €0.77

Two new special stamps will also be issued in the Gastronomy series, which this time invites everyone to the Vipava Valley with its rich cuisine. The stamps feature bean minestrone and Vipava štruklji (boiled strudel).

Vipava štruklji (boiled strudel) is local variety of štruklji that is made from yeast dough and filled with walnuts, cottage cheese, raisins and sugar.

Fižolova mineštra (Bean Minestrone). This hearty soup is made from cooked beans, part of them mashed, and served with corn polenta. It is just one among the countless minestrone dishes that have developed under the influence of the neighboring Italy, but it is the most generally widespread variety.

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