Premium Sheet 2014 – Marca España (Brand Spain)

Premium Sheet 2014 – Marca España (Brand Spain)

The image that a country projects abroad influences its economy, its tourist attraction, its companies… In short, it influences its prestige, which is the result of its success.

Spain offers people from abroad hospitality, friendliness, a good climate; but also, creativity, competitiveness, and efficiency. Spanish exportation grows, the influx of tourists reaches a new zenith, and the country offers excellent possibilities for foreign investment.

All of this is the fruit of the good work of the country's citizens and of policies that make the values that we possess known. In this area, we find the work of the Brand Spain: a long-running State policy for the promotion of Spain's image abroad in economic, cultural, social, scientific, and technological fields.

The Royal Decree 988/2012 created the post and office of the Government's High Commissioner for the Brand Spain with the aim of promoting measures to improve the country's image abroad, develop an information tool to periodically measure the existing perception of Spain, boost the planning of the Public Administration's bodies' actions abroad, and promote participation in action abroad from public and private organizations and entities. The post of High Commissioner, since its creation, went to Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros y Bernaldo de Quiros, with the rank of State Secretary and with unpaid functions.

The High Commissioner has valued Spain, at the end of 2013, as a "country of opportunities more so than risks", in agreement with the recent recuperation. The planning for 2014 will focus on improving and strengthening the image of Spain in Europe and Latin America, and achieving greater presence in the Asian continent. The list of countries in which actions will be undertaken to boost the Brand Spain will grow from 15 to 20, including, among others, Australia, Indonesia, and South Africa.

Correos wants to join in the promotion of the Brand Spain with the issue of a series of seven stamps featuring various elements of the country related with the letters that form the word España (Spain): "E" Empresa (Business); "S" Sol (Sun and tourism); "P" Patrimonio material e immaterial (material and immaterial Heritage); "A" Arte (Art); "Ñ" Lengua (Language) and; "A" Avance, I+D+i hacia el futuro (Progress and R+D+i for the future). This first issue shows the Brand Spain logo.


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