Postal stamp in honor of SAN JUAN DEL RIO Anniversary

Postal stamp in honor of SAN JUAN DEL RIO Anniversary
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To commemorate the 483d anniversary of the founding of SAN JUAN DEL RIO, the Mexican Postal Service issued a stamp. It was canceled by the mayor Fabian Pineda Morales, accompanied by the manager of Correos de Mexico in entity Olayo Carmen Avila.

The ceremony was held in the Assembly Room of the City Council of the City Hall and attended by many honorable guests of the city.

After the official ceremony of cancellation, stamp went on sale and was acquired by the Mexican Postal Service users and philatelists to retain it in their collections, in memory of this important celebration.

Manager of the Correos de Mexico, Olayo Carmen Avila, said the institution moves in the state two thousand kilograms per day of postal matters, including letters and parcels.

He explained that for its affordable rates, the customer confidence in the service and delivery times, sending parcels via Post of Mexico has increased in the state of Querétaro.

Olayo said Avila San Juan del Rio is a strategic point for the distribution of letters, so it was necessary to establish a regional center here through which correspondence to the Sierra de Querétaro is sent.

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