Postal issue commemorating the anniversary of large-vessel shipping on the Moselle

Postal issue commemorating the anniversary of large-vessel shipping on the Moselle

The Moselle Commission is a public intergovernmental institution based in Trier. Its legal basis is the Convention on the Canalisation of the Moselle (Moselle Convention), signed in 1956 by Germany, France and Luxembourg.

The inaugural meeting of the Moselle Commission took place on 21 December 1962, one and a half years before the large-vessel waterway was completed. The 26th May 2014 will mark the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Moselle as a large-vessel waterway. For this special occasion, the Moselle Commission will organize celebrations in June 2014 in the three countries through which the Moselle flows. In addition to an inaugural ceremony with high-ranking officials from the worlds of politics, business and public administration, there will be a boat ride, a business congress and a colloquium on environmental challenges.

The Moselle Commission's general remit was and continues to be to promote the interests of shipping on the Moselle and to ensure that shipping continues to operate as profitably as possible. In 2013, more than 14 million tones of goods were registered at the Koblenz lock.

The three member countries of the Moselle Commission work together in close collaboration in order to ensure the sustainable development of the Moselle in the future. This includes the exchange of information regarding national issues, the review of best practice approaches and the coordination of projects, all the while bearing in mind the best interests of waterway users, whether involved in cargo shipping, passenger transport or recreational boating.

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