Post Offices around the world on Facebook, May 2014 (INFOGRAPHICS)

Post Offices around the world on Facebook, May 2014 (INFOGRAPHICS) portal has prepared a new ranking. Our editorial board analyzed fan pages of the Post Offices around the world on Facebook. thoroughly studied situation in the social network, and the conclusions appeared to be curious.

We found a total of 73 official fan pages from around 150 post offices in different countries, known to us.

The evaluation was conducted by four parameters:

1. Content attractiveness (based on the principle of Engagement Rate, but posts' comments and shares are more valued than the likes) - sum of the like, share and comment values on each subscriber. The higher the value, the more interesting posts are for subscribers (or the higher the value, the more active subscribers are);

2. Likes - the number of subscribers;

3. Content regularity - frequency of posts' publication. The values are listed in two columns:

3.1. Number of posts per day (e.g.: value 0.5 = 1 post for two days);
3.2. Content regularity (scored from 1 to 5): 5 - more than two posts per day; 4 - not less than one post per day; 3 - not less than 1 post in 2 days; 2 - not less than one post per month; 1 - less than one post per month.

4. Page Performance Index (PPI) - a combination of Engagement Rate (content attraction, described in the first paragraph) with the increase in subscribers. This value helps to assess not only the content appeal of the page, but also the growth of its subscribers. Although you didn't request this parameter, it may be useful to you.

Alexandre Barinov, Editor-in-Chief of noted: "Thus, the ranking is based on three main criteria: content attractiveness for subscribers, number of subscribers and posts' regularity" 


Content Regularity

It turned out that the most active on publishing content is India Post (an average of 4 posts a day), followed by Saudi Post (an average of slightly more than three posts a day) and US Postal Service (an average of 2 posts per day).



As for the number of subscribers, the Facebook pages with the largest number of users are in Italy (Poste Italiane: 207 659 subscribers), Australia (Australia Post: 192 411 subscribers) and the United States (US Postal Service: 130 703 subscribers).


Content Attractiveness

Nevertheless, the number of posts and subscribers does not affect the attractiveness of the content. Most interesting content, by the subscribers' opinion, is published by Österreichische Post AG (Austria), Deutsche Post (Germany) and Georgian Post (Georgia).

It is worth noting, that unfortunately a single parameter to evaluate a fan page doesn't exist. In the point of view of analysts, each parameter has its own advantage.


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