Pirates of Jersey – an upcoming colorful stamp issue

Pirates of Jersey – an upcoming colorful stamp issue
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StampNews.com is glad to inform that Jersey Post is to issue a special set of stamps dedicated to pirates. The issue consists of four stamps that are to be released on the 30th of October. The designer of this colorful issue is Mark Wilkinson.

In the days when the easiest method of transporting goods in bulk was by water, unscrupulous members of seafaring communities saw its disruption as an ideal way of making money. Piracy was frowned on by the authorities unless the ship happened to belong to an enemy power in which case a blind eye may have been turned. Despite this, piracy was a criminal offence unless it was sanctioned by the state and termed 'privateering'.

Many Islanders and Jersey ships became involved in privateering and four exciting stories that occurred during the 18th century are depicted on this set of stamps and Souvenir Sheetlet.

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