Outstanding Spanish actors and singers were commemorated with new stamps

Outstanding Spanish actors and singers were commemorated with new stamps
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Three great artists from the world of film and song feature in the Spanish Cinema series, issued as a premium sheet. For the first time, an issue is presented as embossed frames in editing layout.

Manolo García Escobar, known as Manolo Escobar, was one of the most famous actors and singers of coplas, rumba, pasodobles, fandangos and Mexican ranchera music both in Spain and abroad. His début in Cordoba in 1961 was the start of a glittering career in music that made him the idol of thousands. Songs like Y Viva España, Micarro and Madrecita Maríadel Carmen were chart toppers. Stemming from this musical career, he shot his first feature film in 1963, Los guerilleros, which was followed by 20 others.

The sheet contains a verse from the film Todoesposible en Granada.

Sara Montiel, whose stage name was María Antonia Abad Fernández, made her cinema début in the 1940s, in films such as Empezó en boda, Mariona Rebull and Locura de amor. She became the most popular star of the time, with films like El últimocuplé, Pecado de amor and La bella Lola. Many years later, she left the cinema and returned to her singing career.

The issue contains a paragraph from her famous film, La Violetera (1958).

Alfredo Landa (Pamplona, 1933 – Madrid, 2013) made his début on the big screen with Atraco a lastres (1962), directed by José María Forqué. He created 'landismo', a term synonymous with 'daring cinema' in the late Franco period. He won two Goya Awards for Best Actor in El bosque animado (1987) and La marrana (1992). He received the Honorary Goya award in 2008, in recognition of his life's work.

The premium sheet includes a dialogue from the film, El Bosque Animado.

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