Outbreak of World War I – new stamps are to be issued by Tristan da Cunha Post Office

Outbreak of World War I – new stamps are to be issued by Tristan da Cunha Post Office
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In recognition of the outbreak of World War I the Tristan da Cunha Post Office is issuing a set of four stamps depicting iconic posters approved and in most cases, issued by the British Government.

Each stamp is denominated £1 and bears a specially produced logo which contains the shape of the island of Tristan da Cunha as a Poppy within a circle which declares 'Centenary The Great War 1914'.

The posters themselves depict;

'National Service – Women's Land Army' designed by Henry Gawthorn and printed in 1917.

The Board of Agriculture organized the Land Army during the Great War, starting activities in 1915. Towards the end of 1917 there were over 250,000 women working as farm labourers, with 20,000 in the land army itself.

With 3 million men away to fight in the First World War Britain was struggling for labour. The government wanted women to get more involved in the production of food and do their part to support the war effort and thus the Women's Land Army was born.

'The Empire Needs Men'

Designed by Arthur Wardle, the original version was published by The Parliamentary Recruitment Committee in 1915. The Recruitment drive was aimed not just at British Citizens but also those of the Dominions who were not obliged to join up. The 1915 version referred to Australia, Canada, India and New Zealand with South Africa excluded as there was some doubt as to its likely support. This later version referred to the Overseas States and therefore included South Africa.

The mature Lion symbolises Great Britain and the young Lions the Dominions.

'Join the Royal Marines. Help to Man the Guns of the Fleet'. Published by the Admiralty Recruiting Department, 1915 and printed by W Smith London.

The poster shows Marines at their stations on a Royal Navy Ship, ready to exchange fire with the enemy. It also gives details of recruiting offices in Great Britain and the Channel Islands.

'Rally Round the Flag – We Must Have More Men' Published by the War Office in 1914 and designed by Collett.

A British infantryman stands against a Union flag, his rifle and bayonet at the ready. In the background two field-gun teams advance towards the horizon.

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