Oran Olympic complex – Algeria’s Mecca of sport

Oran Olympic complex – Algeria’s Mecca of sport
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The Oran Olympic complex is one of the major sporting places of this great Mediterranean city, built in its heart...

This sporty jewel with international standards achieved by the high-tech standards covers an area of 106 ha and is dedicated to the practice of several sports disciplines including football, athletics, tennis, cycling but also to group games, water sports and fitness.

It includes a football stadium of 40,000 seats, a 4,000-seat athletics stadium, a golf replica, a nautical center with three pools with a capacity of 2,050 covered parking spaces and 400 spaces outside which (two pools one Olympic indoor sunroof and the other 25 m indoor and two basins, a 10-lane Olympic with separate diving pit and another 50 m with 400 tiered seats), a conference hall with 300 seats, a 3,000-seat velodrome, a tennis complex etc.

This mecca of sport that undoubtedly contributes to the development of national sport offers security, convenience, comfort and usability for all users and allows the hosting of major sporting events of continental, regional and international level. Therefore the city of Oran is a candidate in the organization of the 2021 edition of the Mediterranean Games.

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