New stamps from Denmark Post with fairy-tail motives

New stamps from Denmark Post with fairy-tail motives
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According to info got by Denmark Post issued the next stamp from the series featuring contemporary interpretations of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales. The first four stamps in the series were designed by the Chinese designer Shen Jiahong. The artist Kathrine Ærtebjerg is responsible for this year's stamps with motifs from Numbskull Jack and Thumbelina, two of the most well-known and beloved of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy-tales. This issue was released on the 30th of August.

In 1855, H.C. Andersen published his fairy-tale Numskull Jack. The seemingly naïve and put upon hero is a figure familiar from popular fairy tales all over the world, often the youngest of three brothers. Confounding all expectations, however, he succeeds in besting his two older and more knowledgeable brothers in the battle to win the hand of the princess – largely on account of the strange and seemingly useless objects he gathers up from the road. Numskull Jack and the dead crow feature on the DKK 6.50 stamp.

The fairy tale about Thumbelina was published in 1835, the same year that Hans Christian Andersen published his first collection of fairy-tales. In the story, Hans Christian Andersen imparts the feeling of being different to the little girl, who arrives in the world in the middle of a beautiful tulip. When she is subsequently carried away by the toad and exiled on a lilly pad, she faces having to acquiesce to the toad's desire for her to marry his son.

On her long journey, she encounters a host of well-meaning characters who all believe they have her best interests at heart, but nobody really understands how Thumbelina feels. It is not until she flees from her upcoming marriage of convenience to a mole that she begins to tap into her own resources. The hideous toad with Thumbelina in his arms is the motif on the DKK 9.00 stamp.

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