New stamps depicting historical heritage of Ukrainian folk

New stamps depicting historical heritage of Ukrainian folk
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On 25th of July the stamps "Kozak Mamai" and "Kobza" enter into circulation and are valid for payment of postal services in all post offices of Ukraine.

"Kozak Mamai." Stamp rate is 4,80 UAH: Kozak Mamai is a defender of the Ukrainian people, traveler, warrior, sage, and harakternyk and storyteller. Kobza in Mamai`s hands is symbol of melodious soul of Ukrainian people, an allusion to the fact that its owner is the transmitter of the sacred information.

"Kozak Mamai" stamp

The image of Mamai embodies the features most valued within: intelligence, smartness, sense of humor, ability to emerge victorious from any situation. Dare, ironical and the clever face of Mamai depicts the personality of a man who is not afraid of death nevertheless at the same time knows the value of life.

"Kobza" stamp

"Kobza". Stamp rate is 5,70 UAH: Kobza is Ukrainian musical instrument of ancient times. Kobza was the most important musical instrument of the Ukrainian people. Ukrainian minstrels played Kobza singing oral heroic epic - dumas and historical songs. The term kobza was also used as a synonym in historical sources for bandura in the 19th and early 20th century in Ukraine and was even used for bagpipes and occasionally for the hurdy-gurdy in Eastern Poland, Belarus and the Volyn region in Ukraine.

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