New stamp celebrates the school’s 200th anniversary

New stamp celebrates the school’s 200th anniversary
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A new stamp marks the school's 200th anniversary with familiar motifs from the school.

"2014 is an important year for the Danish school system. For 200 years, Danish children had the right and obligation to receive education. There is good reason to celebrate, and it's a fine stamp symbol. The stamp indicates also how to communicate with each other in writing. It is a key part of our school and our community," said Education Minister Christine Antorini. The stamps have a value of 6.5 dollars and were published on 11th of June.

A commemorative stamp is an old tradition that elegantly ties up an anniversary that not only embraces the past, present and future. "In school we learn not just reading and arithmetic, we also learn to form communities - large and small. The stamps are helping to tell the history of Danish and thus something of what we have in common. The new school stamp is ideal if you want to send a greeting to someone who is preparing for exams, or who might need to start school after the summer, "says Morten O. Nielsen, Communications Manager at Post Denmark.

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