New series of stamps “Croatian Towns” with the motif from Pula

New series of stamps “Croatian Towns” with the motif from Pula

On 3 March 2014 Croatian Post put into circulation  a new definitive postage stamp from the series "Croatian Towns" dedicated to the town of Pula. The motif of the stamp is Augustus Temple in Pula. The stamp with the nominal value of 2.80 HRK has been issued in a 50-stamp sheet. The author of the postage stamp is Hrvoje Šercar, painter and graphic artist from Zagreb. Printing quantity is 1,000,000 stamps, and Croatian Post has issued also a First Day Cover. The First Day Cancellation will be in use on 3 and 4 March 2014 in Post Office 10101 Zagreb, Jurišićeva 13.

Augustus Temple is a fully preserved antique sacral building, which captures the eye of any visitor of the Pula Forum. It was built during lifetime of the first Roman emperor Augustus between the year 2 BC and year 14 AD. It was dedicated to the divinity of the emperor Augustus and the goddess Roma, personification of the town of Rome. Today in Augustus's Temple there is a permanent exhibition of Antique Stone Statues, which makes part of the Antique Collection of the Istrian Archaeological Museum.

Postage stamps mark important cultural, historic and sports events and spread throughout the world the rumor about natural beauties, arts, and traditions of our country. The diversity of motifs and the high quality of artistic design by distinguished academic painters and graphic artists are the main features of Croatian postage stamps, making them thus a lasting value and contribution to Croatian culture and social life.

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