New January stamps from Iceland Post

New January stamps from Iceland Post

On January 16th, the first issue date of the year, five new stamps were issued by Iceland Post: Eimskip 100th Anniversary, Statistics Iceland 100th Anniversary, The White-tailed Eagle and the third series of Tourist Stamps.

Eimskip 100th Anniversary

Eimskip (The Icelandic Steamship Company) was founded January 17th, 1914, making it the oldest shipping company in Iceland.

Statistics Iceland 100th Anniversary

Statistics Iceland, founded 1914, is the centre for official statistics in Iceland and collects, processes and disseminates data on the economy and society.

The White-tailed Eagle

The white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetusalbicilla) is the largest bird in Iceland and among the rarest breeding birds in the country. Since January 1st 1914, the year Iceland gained Homerule, the eagle has been strictly protected.

Tourist Stamps III

The third series of Tourist Stamps depicts the peculiar rock called Sjalfberg, standing in the sea on the coast at Munaðarnes in Strandir in the Westfjords and Kviarglacier which runs from Oræfajokull in the southernmost part of Vatnajokull.

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