New issue of Ukrainian Post – “Airplane” Ilya Muromets”

New issue of Ukrainian Post – “Airplane” Ilya Muromets”

17.06.2014 enters into circulation and is valid for payment of postal services postage stamp № 1373 "Airplane" Ilya Muromets".

This aircraft giant "Ilya Muromets" was projected by an outstanding aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky. The world's first high-speed long-range heavy airplane flight took place on 16-17 June 1914 from St. Petersburg to Kyiv (distance flight over 1,200 km). Reverse flight Kyiv - St. Petersburg was 14 hours 38 minutes long, a record for heavy aircraft. The plane had four engines of 400 hp, weighed approximately 3,500 kg of fuel enough for five hours, speed reached 100 km / h.

This grand four-engine giant was the best aircraft of World War II.

In the fields of the stamp sheet there are such texts: "The world's first high-speed long-range flights Saint Petersburg - Kyiv", "16-17 June 1914", "Ilya Muromets. Four-engine aircraft. "

The stamp is multicolored; printing process - offset. Item was designed by V. Rudenko.

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