Mushrooms as “Nature’s larder” in Polish culture

Mushrooms as “Nature’s larder” in Polish culture
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On 29 August this year the stamps from the series "Mushrooms in Polish forests" will be put into circulation. The items depict a great variety of mushrooms that are very popular and widespread in Poland.

To Poles, the king of mushrooms is the borowik (Boletus edulis), commonly known in English as King Bolete. Its Polish name is derived from bor (coniferous forest) and aptly defines its preferred natural habitat. It is also referred to at times as grzyb prawdziwy (true mushrooms) or prawdziwek, implying that all other species are definitely inferior.

Other desirable species include pieczarka (meadow mushrooms), kurka (chanterelle), maslak (sticky bun), gaska (Tricholoma), golabek (Russula), and kania (parasol mushroom). Although the smardz (morel) is also picked in Poland, it is ranked as a mediocre find, since there are many species that equal or surpass it in taste.

With the set of stamps 2 FDC envelopes will be issued.

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