Maya the Bee is to appear on the new stamp issue of Austria Post

Maya the Bee is to appear on the new stamp issue of Austria Post

Every child knows Maya the Bee and her boyfriend Willy, Flip, Thekla the spider and all the other characters who created Waldemar Bonsels over 100 years ago.

The first novel with the little bee appeared in 1912, entitled "Maya the Bee and her adventures" still there are countless new editions of the children's book. The rotation of the first Maya the Bee film began in 1924, under the direction of Wolfram Junghans. The figures and the script were produced by the American comic book artist Mary Murphy, the TV series was in 1976 with 104 sequences in Germany and Austria on the air-with a huge success.

The new Maya the Bee series is completely computer animated, there are also new characters to find: the worm Rufus, the Beetle Ben and the Marienkäferin Lara ....

Austria Post will issue in honor of the small, clever bee a special stamp with a special effect on 29th of August.

On the back of the stamp is a QR code with a mobile phone that results in an application with which an "augmented reality effect" can be generated: Maya the bee will fly in 3D on the stamp.

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