Lunar Year of the Horse stamps from Macao

Lunar Year of the Horse stamps from Macao

In the Chinese lunar calendar, 2014 is the year of the horse, and the attribute of the "Heavenly Stems" among the Five Elements in this year is wood.

The Macao Post adopted the "Heavenly Stems" calculation method to figure out the nature of the "Five Elements" in the seventh issue of the third series of Chinese Zodiac stamps "Lunar Year of the Horse". This year, the horse's nature from the "Five Elements" is "Wood Horse", so it becomes the main character of the five stamps.

"Wood Horse" – The Wood Horse belongs to the "majesty" category. He is majestic in temperament, he makes prudent decisions, fearless and decisive in work style; he always has an acute and original insight, with rich imagination.

"Water Horse" – The Water Horse belongs to the "knight of love" category. He is affectionate and righteous, willing to sacrifice for others. Sentimental in nature, and always gets help from opposite sex. He tends to act with prudence, and his difficult problems at work can always be solved by meeting nobilities.

"Metal Horse" – The Metal Horse belongs to the "egocentricity" category. He does things on his own way. He is outspoken, kind-hearted and willing to help others. He is single minded in his career and relationship, also, he is calm and rational. Besides, he drives forward courageously and carries through to the end.

"Earth Horse" – The Earth Horse belongs to the "optimism" category. He is optimistic and generous to others, he is also cheerful and content with his lives. He is kind-hearted, with a sense of responsibility, impartial with no prejudice when dealing with matters, he often takes pleasure by helping others. Earth Horse is active by nature, dynamic and energetic.

"Fire Horse" – The Fire Horse belongs to the "king of horse" category. He is gifted the leading skill and highly competent, perseverance, fearless of any pressure and willing to face any challenge. Fire Horse is intelligent by nature, he has a passionate and enthusiastic personality.

The stamp designer uses wooden horse as the theme, which well represents that Macao is a tourism hot spot, just like a carousel that brings people joy and happiness, implying a joyful and harvest year.

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