Lithuanian Stamp Dedicated to the Chinese New Year

Lithuanian Stamp Dedicated to the Chinese New Year

To mark the beginning of the Year of the Horse (Jan 31), on Saturday, February 1, Lithuania Post will release a special souvenir sheet.

The souvenir sheet named The Chinese New Year features the symbol of this year – the horse. The souvenir sheet will be released in the edition of 45 thousand copies with a nominal value of LTL7. The souvenir sheet dedicated to the Chinese New Year has been created by the artist Greta Gruzdaitytė.

Along with the souvenir sheet, the first day cover will be released.

In China, the beginning of the New Year is called the Spring Festival. This is the most important traditional festival in China and other counties falling under the East Asian cultural sphere: Japan, Vietnam, and Korea.

The date of the Spring Festival is set following exact astronomical observations of the longitude of the sun and the phases of the moon. The Chinese New Year starts on a new moon and ends on a full-moon. The Chinese calendar does not match the Gregorian calendar; thus, according to the universally accepted system, the date of the Spring Festival varies every year falling on a day between January 21 and February 20. As a rule, the festival is celebrated on the second new moon fallowing solstice.

During the New Year, the Chinese people are visiting relatives and friends. Following traditions, people put on new apparel, clean up their houses and decorate them in red.

Adults give children the red envelopes containing money. On the eve of the New Year, the whole family gathers together to taste dishes of the festive dinner, namely dumplings, New Year pies, various meat and fish dishes.

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