Latvijas Pasts and Foundation Viegli to present stamp contest winner Imants Ziedonis Will Bloom Eternally

Latvijas Pasts and Foundation Viegli to present stamp contest winner Imants Ziedonis Will Bloom Eternally

On Monday, January 6, 2014 in post office Sakta, the presentation ceremony of the stamp Imants Ziedonis Will Bloom Eternally was opened with a song of Foundation Viegli representative, musician Janis Holsteins-Upmanis. This stamp concept was the winner in the stamp design contest dedicated to the eminent poet Imants Ziedonis, organized in social networks by Latvijas Pastsand Foundation Viegli.

The author of the new stamp is graphic designer Andra Petersone, and the portrait of Ziedonis that is depicted on the stamp is based on the poet's photograph by Leonid Tugalev, which took the first place in an international photo contest in Spain in 1982 (Salon Internacional De Navidad De Fotografia1982). The print run of the stamp is 300,000, and its denomination is € 0.50, which corresponds to the cost of mailing a regular letter within Latvia. The stamp is accompanied by a first day cover.

"The activity of voters in the contest proved that, in spite of the presence of modern technologies in everyday communication, the public actively participates in the creation of stamp design, so Latvijas Pastswill definitely consider the possibility of organizing such a contest also in 2014," said Latvijas Pasts Chairman of the Board Arnis Salnajs.

165 designs related to Imants Ziedonis were submitted for the contest; the judges selected 30 of those to be presented for public voting on social networks Twitter, Draugiemand Facebook. A total of 6072 votes were cast for the stamps. The first place with 2074 votes was taken by Petersone's design; the runner-up with 2017 votes was the stamp designed by Egija Zīrapa, and the third with 279 votes was Elvita Vilcane's design Little Flame - Colored Tales.

The stamp design contest was held by Latvijas Pastsfor the third time, and for the first time with a defined theme in collaboration with Foundation Viegli.


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