Korčula’s Statute celebrates its 800th anniversary

Korčula’s Statute celebrates its 800th anniversary
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For the purpose of regulating their inner community relationships and protecting the autonomy of the island the inhabitants of Korčula brought the Statute of their community already back in 1214. This event took place 800 years ago. On this occasion Croatia Post presented a special stamp that was issued on the 26th of September.

In the name of God eternal! Amen! These are the statutory regulations and orders of the community and people from the town and island of Korčula drawn up, composed, issued and competently certified by the Small, Great and General Council of the town and island in the year 1214 and in second communication during that year. The Statute of the Town and Island of Korčula from 1214 is the oldest Croatian juridical almanac and after Russian Pravda from the 11th i.e. 12th century, the oldest in all Slavic nations in general.

The Statute of the Town and Island of Korčula has seen several revisions: first in 1265, second in 1271 and third in 1432. Since the mediaeval statute of Korčula - as was usual in Europe of that time – was written in Latin language, it still remained inaccessible to wider public. This injustice towards common people and the folk among which the Statute was created was remedied in 1987 when the Statute of the Town and the Island of Korčula was translated into Croatian.

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